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initiates peace this is to

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Lead a person series meeting, so-called series meeting, actually include 3 important international conferences, namely East Asia summit and China-ASEAN(10+1) leaders meeting and ASEAN with medium day leader a meeting.The gram strong premier still sees sew to put needle, extruded time to hold with India's premier Mo Di bilateral meet.To although the interview of Burma only has on the 14th along while, movable contents very abundant, row full be be.First the voice Duo person initiates peace this is to sing to ring Chinese peace to develop the interview of principle at a time.Face minority of nations may take a problem to south nike air max 1 salechina sea start revolt toward China at willing ascend of scheme, gram the strong premier Be calm and steady to reply, lead off phonation, sing ringgood voice in China, get the aggressive response of attending meeting the nation, made a show of self-confidence and intelligence that the big country leaders.On November 13, premier Li Ke Qiang at 10+ one meeting up speak.On summit in East Asia, the gram strong premier is ASEAN Beijing leadership outside the area to win the first speech;On 10+ one meeting, gram strong premier again the first speak.In the speech, the gram strong premier keeps a noodles so-called sensitive problem, image, thorough ground elaborated the Mainland position, again eat for ASEAN nation next fix mind pill.While speaking of south china sea a problem, the gram is strong

The premier reiterated double track way of thinking.He says:The neighboring country can not choose, each other outlooking contacts, lower the head to disappear a title to see, the Ke Ke touches to can hardly be avoided.Is Chinese thou the Xun say'inside the Ren climbed a not past ascent for the United States', wanting ~only we always adhering to be honest to each other, beg to together save different heart, doing not exceed a not past hole, .On November 13, premier Li Ke Qiang attends 10+new balance 580 trainers one meeting to erupt speech.While speaking of the foreign policy of China, the gram strong premier says:China is always the important strength of peaceful stability in East Asia......We constantly walk peaceful development road, this is from history culture tradition and realization of China modernize this realistic basic benefits decide, in no case because any outside interference or query but change.Gram strong premier's publicizing don't stay around oral communication.He says that the Mainland is discussing with ASEAN nation to sign the Mu borders on an amity cooperation treaty, be peaceably get along to provide system frame and law guarantee for both parties' generation.Is actually true at urge to cooperate this actually be really pushing the interview of cooperation in the region at a time.Put forward from summit in East Asia of six greatly and particularly realm arrive 10+1 will ascend to put forward of 6:00 suggestion, arrive 10+ again to put forward in 3 meetings

Of 6:00 opinion, the gram strong premier leaders in East Asia series meeting up took out a Chinese project with thick solid contents, well express China is really lifting a hand to for pushing the prosperity development of East Asia and strengthening China-ASEAN to cooperate.On November 13, attend 10+3 leadering of meetingses to match a shadow.It be praised as new balance 574 trainersChina-ASEAN to cooperate the year of opening ofdiamond decade bureau this year.Since last year, the Mainland put forward to constuct a common body of China-ASEAN destiny and constuct in 21th century sea the Silk Road, create China-ASEAN to get stripe a version, and2+7 cooperation frame...etc. a series of graveness proposal and program a fine blue print for China-ASEAN cooperation from the Mao area.Will up, the gram strong premier declared a series of integration again and included to provide the special property loan of USD 10,000,000,000 to the ASEAN nation, is of is a collusion development, docake that both parties cooperate greatly.On November 13, premier Li Ke Qiang at 10+ one meeting up speak.Is positive the strong premier is such as the gram talk, China insist and border on to do good and take bordering on as a companion is sincerity consistent of, hope to arouse region, Hui and periphery by oneself development to are heartfelt.Sincerely sincerity solid comity this is once sincerely the sincerity make stronger with

much metal sulphide in Indian

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Prospect.Win a new agency three second the section giving or getting an electric shock(reporter the Yin sea is clear) to carry out Chinese ocean on November 16 test ocean the first ship of 34 sequence of flights tasks on the 16th from three second sail, leave for a southwest Indian Ocean performance section to test a task.Ocean 34 sequence of flights plan 219 days time, the distance is about 20,000 nautical miles, is divided into 5 sail segments, anticipate to return to Qingdao on June 22, 2015.Investigate the district investigates and explores contract area in the southwest much metal sulphide in Indian Ocean China, period will 4 times stop and depend Mauritius of Louis harbor.According to medium state-to-state border the bottom of sea new balance 420 trainersadministration sign of much metal sulphide investigate to explore contract, the this sequence of flights main task is the area that is practical to implement southwest Indian Ocean much metal sulphide investigate to explore contract, carry on contract to much metal sulphide to investigate to explore, and giving attention to both an environment radicle the line and living creature is diverse sexual survey.This sequence of flights totally has a national ocean bureau second ocean graduate school, national branch office in ocean bureau the North Sea and national ocean bureau first ocean graduate school and national ocean bureau third ocean graduate school etc.41 domestic and international unit total 290 ginsengses add, among them 212 be named scientist and engineering technical personnel, 78 be named deep-sea seaman.This sequence of flights is China to start implementing southwest Indian Ocean much metal sulphide investigate to explore contract programming

The first five years task(2012-2016) the second sequence of flights.Survey method and technique developed in the ocean 30 sequence of flightses from explore mineral to the foundation that investigates to explore a conversion up, this sequence of flights investigates the basis much metal sulphide contract area to generally explore programming to carry out to investigate to explore a task and use comprehensive abnormality drag probe into to drag along a body and combine a geology sampling to carry on much metal sulphide mineral to turn an excrescent survey;Use an independent development of medium the deep bore rock heart sampling drill machine to develop the sulphide rock heart sampling;Use the haulage type of independent development the new balance 420 womensresources is comprehensive to probe into system to develop a mineral body characteristic survey;Use a television to grasp a Dou and box type or gravity pillar to carry on turning to explore a sampling.This sequence of flights has and investigates and explores technique method and work deployment gradually norm, noodles and raises and checks the characteristics that investigate and explore and lay equal stress on with shallow department.The much metal vulcanized contract area is totally divided into 100 area pieces.Pass this sequence of flights work, the plan develops 15-20 much metal sulphide mineral of area pieces to turn an excrescent area investigating and obtains the environment radicle line data that the international bottom of sea administration requests and obtains living creature gene sample at the same time.Carry to report according to the new China nations customer of The Xinhua news agency, about 6:00 p.m. on the 12th(local time), gram the strong premier's special airplane arrives inside ratio all international airport, beginning

The route of travel in Burma.At about 2:00 p.m. on the 14th, the gram strong premier ends an interview to start on journey to return to country.From arrive to leave, gram strong premier at inside the ratios all stop over for 44 hours.This time tornado type interview has a little bit bright, and then obtain which achievements, please follow behind our whole lenseses one investigation is unexpectedly.It is a gram of strong premier to take a post to get to airport this from the assembly hall a the shortest interview in time, inside compare all left he hurried of figure.On November 12, premier Li Ke Qiang arrives inside the ratios all.This visits a nike air max 2014 release dategram of strong premier make a starlight journey, tirelessly, all of returns are direct from the assembly hall rushes through into an airport.He just ended in Great Hall of the People with meeting of American president Obama while leaving Peking;Leave inside the ratios all, he just finished meeting Burma federal parliament council chairperson and people council chairperson, Wu Rui Man, in the hospital, then went straight to an airport from Burma parliament mansion.The gram strong premier arrives on the 12th inside compare all it is getting dark, but when his special airplane arrives international airport in the capital city on the 14th, night view in Peking has been deep.Although at inside the ratios all stopped over for 44 hours,visited of state movable concentration in 1 and half days.See agenda, know premier have much busy.On November 13, summit in East Asia is on the scene.The 13th a day of main point is cooperation in East Asia to get

into the last day on

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Open fire.Because the matter delivers on that day not over the weekend, the office-holder to spread to participate in hunting in streets fastens a driver to mark to have the bus egress toenforce the law certain context.The local authorities said to this notification and hunted the personnel embarks of is all a private car, and announced vehicle model number and license plate, don't involve a bus private use.Currently, Heng Ji Wei in sun City and city's inspecting a bureau is obtaining evidence to check to actually be involved party member and office-holder's circumstance, and will make according to rules according to Ji a serious processing.Win new net bead the sea give or get an electric shock(Zhang Yi Lin) the bead sea sail exhibition into the last day on November 16, in addition to eye-catcher Su-35, Su-27, etc. C-17 for use by the military airplane and A-380 and Boeing 787 new balance 580 saleetc.s in addition to public airplane, the unmanned machine is a fast- developing aviation material in recent years, acquired the deep concern of audience.The reporter notices, current sail exhibition, foreign exhibition companies will particularly put more at business airplane, for use by the military airplane up, don't is a point exhibition unmanned machine to article.Is opposite but speech, several local soldier work group companies all is an independent tectonic plate exhibition the unmanned machine, the local unmanned machine presents a situation of booming development, and several groups get into the unmanned machine development row or column.At aerospace building, aviation building and weapon building three exhibition buildings in, with Chinese aerospace section

The work group, Chinese aerospace science and technology group, Chinese aircraft industry group and Chinese weapon industrial group is representative of large soldier work the business enterprise all displayed respectively unmanned machine product, don't lack the series of household type to turn a product among them, such as sea eagle series unmanned machine, including SH-1, TF and etc. WJ-600 numerous model numbers.The folks added the fast- developing unmanned machine develop strength, the unmanned machine industry of China positive party in government wears to let a hundred flowers blossom of direction development.The expert points out that the unmanned machine function diversification develops.In the unmanned nike air max 1 womensmachine of this time demonstration, probe the Cha that the unmanned machine battles to use to battlefield to beat integral whole unmanned machine from the low altitude low speed, various unmanned machine functions are well-found, basic can overaly battlefield to probe surveillance, target designation, correspondence in after, to ground rightness empty stroke, the battlefield injure the whole battle processes like valuation,etc.Especially the Cha beats integral whole unmanned machine and becomes in recent years each the type that develop unit to competitively develop.According to understand, currently, attack-1 unmanned machine and Pteranodon the unmanned machine system have already got into to undergo military service.Can foresee along with the technical maturity, the unmanned battle platform will become necessary main force strength in the battlefield in future.Remarkable BE, high level unmanned Ji Xing Hao Gao Diao

Be unveiled.This time bead sea sail exhibition, As WJ-600|D, Pteranodon and etc. CH-4 advanced unmanned model be unveiled in succession.Among them, the As WJ-600s of Chinese the aerospace section work group three hospitals|D Gao Kong the high-speed Cha beat unmanned machine of integral whole, as the star model number of sea eagle series unmanned machine, can load optoelectronics to probe an equipments, synthesize the bore path radar, electronics to probe an equipments, small scaled empty the noodles guided missile etc. variety to carry lotus, carry out to probe surveillance, accurate stroke and injure tasks like effect valuation,etc, can develop an important function on the future information-based battlefield.In addition, As nike air max 90 saleWJ-600|the D can also carry out electronic combat, information in after mark tasks like emulation,etc with Ba, is omnipotent contestant in the battlefield, be worthy of the name of unmanned machine star model number.Although the abroad joins the exhibition a company have never been a point product the unmanned machine to carry on a demonstration, the bead sea sail exhibition communicates to provide vast platform for domestic and international technique.Spread feeling machine, airplane zero realms like parts,etcs in the optoelectronics, many companies with foreign house establish an exhibition, and reveal that and local and related organization carry on the wishes of cooperation.The industry insider believes along with technique of progress unremittingly, add of domestic and international cooperation of develop, Chinese the unmanned machine will have brighter development in the future

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